Students must dress in proper riding attire which consists of: over-the-ankle boots, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jack and full-fingered gloves. Students can bring their own helmet (must be approved by the Department of Transportation). If your helmet is not full-faced, please be sure to bring protective eye gear. Additionally, students must bring valid identification. In the event of rain, please be sure to bring appropriate rain gear.

Students who borrow a helmet must bring their own bandana or purchase one for $5 from MSS at the time of the lesson. MSS sells gloves, bandanas, rain gear and helmets at all its locations (except at CSI).

Any motorized vehicle with two wheels that can go faster than 30 mph must be operated by a driver with a motorcycle license (regardless of engine size).

You will not need a motorcycle permit for your first one hour private lesson as it will occur on private property. After the first one hour private lesson, a motorcycle permit is required by New York State law as you will be practicing on public roadways.

Motorcycles typically have a manual transmission, with the clutch on the left handgrip and the shifter on the left pedal while scooters have automatic transmissions with brake levers on each handgrip, one for the front brake and the other for the back wheel.

If the private lesson is scheduled for Monday through Friday, you must cancel 24 hours in advance of your lesson time. For Saturday and Sunday lessons, you must cancel 48 hours in advance of your lesson time. Students will forfeit their lesson fee if they fail to cancel with enough notice or if they do not appear for their lesson.

programmer Jaro Nemcok