The Ultimate Training Package allows a person who has never ridden a motorcycle or scooter to learn all the skills necessary to safely ride at an advanced level. The following three courses are offered in this discounted package: MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience, MSF Basic RiderCourse, and MSF Basic RiderCourse 2.

Course 1: The package begins with the MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience, which is a 2-hour course that allows participants to familiarize themselves with a motorcycle and also prepare for the MSF Basic RiderCourse.

Course 2: The MSF Basic RiderCourse is a comprehensive 2 or 2.5-day licensing course that combines classroom learning with riding exercises. Participants who successfully complete the MSF Basic RiderCourse become licensed motorcycle riders.

Course 3: The final part of the package is the MSF Basic RiderCourse 2, which allows participants to further develop their riding skills on either their own motorcycle or a motorcycle provided by MSS.

For Each Part Of The Ultimate Training Package:
MSF Introductory Motorcycle Experience: None
MSF Basic RiderCourse: Must have valid NYS driver’s license and motorcycle permit (for NY Residents to redeem NYS DMV Road Test Waiver). **Permit test may be taken after course completion, at the time of Road Test Waiver redemption.**
                                      MSF Basic RiderCourse 2: Basic RiderCourse graduate or Intermediate                                             Riding Experience
Lehman College, Bronx
Spring Creek, Brooklyn
College of Staten Island
Ulster Community College
Niagara County Community College
West Seneca
Jamestown Community College
New York City Locations: $500 (regularly $560)
Western NY/Ulster County: $400 (regularly $450)
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programmer Jaro Nemcok