The DMV Road Test package includes: a DMV appointment, a DMV certified Instructor, MSS motorcycle, MSS car and 30 minute bike familiarization session,

DMV road test appointments are scheduled twice a month at the Red Hook DMV Test Location.

Students must dress in proper riding attire which consists of: over-the-ankle boots, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt or jacket and full-fingered gloves. Students can bring their own helmet (must be approved by the Department of Transportation). If your helmet is not full-faced, please be sure to bring protective eye gear. Additionally, a New York State motorcycle permit and driver’s license is required to take the road test {or a pre-licensing Course Completion (MV-278) or Student Certificate of Completion (MV-285)} if you do not have a drivers license}. If neither of these documents have a photo ID, you must present a valid NYS or US Government issued photo ID.ID on the day of your road test appointment.

In the event of rain, please be sure to bring appropriate rain gear. Students who borrow a helmet must bring their own bandana or purchase one for $5 from MSS at the time of the course. MSS sells gloves, bandanas, rain gear and helmets at all its locations (except at CSI).

The day you pass your road test, you will receive a receipt. If you already have another class of New York State license, wait at least 7 days after your road test to bring the receipt, current New York State license and permit to the DMV. You will have to pay a $12.50 document fee and they will issue you a temporary license. If you do not have another class of New York State license, you will receive your photo license in the mail in about 2 weeks and you do not need to go to a DMV location.

The DMV examiner requires you to complete 3 left circles, 3 right circles and a 3 figure eights. Upon successful completion of this initial exercise, the examiner will test you on normal driving maneuvers on public streets.

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